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New Horizons IT Training Graduate Charles Turay

New Horizons IT Training Graduate Charles Turay

New Horizons IT TrainingFor Army Veteran Charles Turay, starting a career in IT was a major decision. Real world hands-on training, access to IT hiring managers and professionals and onsite career services to set up interviews are just a few of the things he was able to take advantage of while attending New Horizons Learning Centers. Charles was able to graduate from the program successfully!

Generally, New Horizons’ Networking Security Professional Preparatory Program is completed within 18 weeks (4 1/2 months), compared to the average of 2-4 years of traditional college. Not only did he successfully complete all 8 classes, but he passed and received all the IT certifications.

After returning home from being in the Army for 6 years, Charles had to transition not only professionally but personally. Charles shares that in the Army, there is a structure and schedule that is always in place. When you leave the Army, you have to reacclimate to not having the same structure on a daily basis. He attributes his success in the New Horizons program to being able to follow the structure that was put forth by his professors and teachers. The program is designed to offer the best assistance to veterans and help ease their transition back into the workforce for long-term success.

Charles received 7 certifications and passed all tests on his first try. He devoted himself to the program and received all the materials needed to pass from New Horizons. He spent time to get to know his professors and they supported his whole journey. He worked extremely hard and set up his own regime to successfully complete the accelerated program. At the end of the program, he was able to receive daily updates on job opportunities and career building tools to assist him in finding the right career for him.

Charles shares that if you take it seriously and focus on completing the program, graduates can qualify for some ever-expanding opportunities in the IT field.

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