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New Horizon’s Veteran IT Manager Program

New Horizon’s Veteran IT Manager Program

IT ManagerWhy should you consider an IT Manager career?

Becoming an IT manager is a highly sought after position for those pursuing careers in information technology. Earning this position goes beyond just basic technical training. The demand for leadership roles in IT is growing quickly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the number of computer and information systems managers to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, almost twice the average of all occupations.

If you are a veteran and interested in being a part of this rise, then New Horizons Computer Learning Centers is the place for you. Our experienced and certified instructors will ensure that you are well equipped while going through the programs and certifications, as well as ready to take on the career of becoming an IT manager upon completion.

What do IT Managers do?

As an IT Manager, you will oversee installations, maintenance, upgrades, and daily operations of an organization’s computer networking department. The IT Manager is also responsible for training and supervising IT employees, as well as delegating IT tasks, managing special projects, and giving performance reviews. An IT Manager may also be responsible or instrumental in hiring and firing of IT employees.

What traits make a good IT Manager?

Qualities such as confidence, leadership, computer networking and IT expertise, and excellent communication abilities are all crucial to be a successful IT Manager. One must also be able to quickly respond to the needs of upper management and lower-level staff members to solve IT problems as they arise.

What type of education is needed?

In regard to education, nearly every IT director position requires a bachelor’s degree, typically in computer science, information technology or a related field. Courses include database management, networking fundamentals, IT management courses and application development.

While a degree can boost your career prospects, it’s not required for every position and industry. IT training and certifications are another great way to supplement your job experience with hands-on training and instruction. After you complete your education, the first step is to actually develop and implement your technical IT skills.

So what types of jobs will you be able to apply for and feel confident in attaining with this IT program under your belt?

That’s where New Horizons stands apart from other schools. Upon graduation of the 18-week Network Security Professional Preparatory program, our experienced Career Services Department is dedicated to helping you achieve your growth goals with job placement assistance as soon as you graduate from the program!  Upon successful completion of the program, our graduates can qualify for entry-level IT positions.  With additional experience and training, they can advance to careers in IT Management.  We take pride in making sure that our military graduates’ step into the workforce prepared and well-equipped to succeed. Find out more by visiting our career services.

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