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Courtney McFarlane Is A New Horizons IT Programs Success Story

Courtney McFarlane is a New Horizons IT Programs Success Story

New Horizons IT ProgramThinking about a career change? Get inspiration and a proven, step-by-step New Horizons IT Program to move into a career you love—faster and with hands-on learning and job placement assistance. Here, we share how Courtney McFarlane started a new career in IT and computer training in just 18 weeks.

“I hadn’t been happy in my career for some time. It became clear that my personal opportunities for development and growth were limited,” recalls Courtney. “I realized I had to take action and seek a new career path.”

So, when the right set of circumstances arose to allow Courtney to leave his job, he grabbed the chance. While attending a job fair, Courtney came across New Horizons Computer Learning Centers. He’s always had a passion and interest in computers and thought that this could be the perfect fit and lead him to learn new skills.

After speaking to the New Horizons team, they offered him an opportunity to come to an orientation to understand what programs would best suit him and answer any questions he had about making the jump. He felt drawn to the program after connecting with the knowledgeable staff and a number of other veteran students and peers.

“Instead of feeling stressed about leaving my job, I was inspired by the staff and the stories shared at orientation,” he said. The career counselor guided Courtney through the various stages in the program to help him find the best option for his career.

The Networking Security Professional Preparatory Program is designed to make the transition as smooth as possible for veterans and non-veterans alike – to help get a career in IT with hands-on learning and job placement assistance. In just 18 weeks, Courtney was able to complete this program at New Horizons, get career coaching and start a new and exciting career path as a help desk support specialist at a major company in South Florida! And, you can too!

When you enroll with New Horizons, you gain the skills and certifications necessary to jumpstart your IT career. Ready to make the jump? Contact us to start your education today!

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