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A Business Analyst works with various departments within a company or organization to evaluate the current effectiveness of processes, practices, and policies and then recommends improvements. These improvements ideally support growth, efficiency, and ultimately increased profitability.


As a Business Analyst, you must become deeply involved with all departments of the operation, assessing strengths and weaknesses within each department. You must also evaluate the effectiveness of interaction between departments, seeking ways to facilitate optimal workflow.

Business Analysts often focus on information technology systems as a means to improve internal and external operations. Facilitating data collection for marketing purposes, data sharing between departments , more impactful use of data for planning and goal setting are all vital to a company’s growth and expansion.

Following thorough evaluation and documentation, the Business Analyst would present a plan of action. This plan may include recommendations to implement new computer technology, modification of current tech and/or processes, or a mix of both. Once the recommended plan is approved, the Business Analyst may be put in charge of seeing the plan through to completion or may pass it off to internal project managers or other departments for implementation.


To be successful as a Business Analyst, one must thoroughly understand concepts of system engineering, business process best practices, as well as modeling techniques. An investigative mind with a commitment to never-ending improvement is vital for this role. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, to include technical writing abilities, are also extremely important.

The ability to experience processes through the eyes of others will help the Business Analyst imagine ways to improve business processes for employees, executives and customers or clients. He or she must also have the skills necessary to analyze, develop, and execute IT systems and elicit actionable feedback from end users.

A broad and diverse educational background in information technology including proven experience with the most used operating systems, LAN and WAN networking, as well as other popular enterprise software applications is also essential for a career as a Business Analyst.

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