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A computer Field Technician provides mobile technical assistance to IT end-users. They must travel to assist in troubleshooting IT problems with computer software and hardware at different locations.  These locations may include PC users’ homes, businesses, or other organizations.


Field Technicians must be available for travel at a moment’s notice. Depending upon the role, the IT Field Technician may be required to fix either computer hardware or software.  In providing onsite customer service to end-users, the Field Technician will need to analyze and troubleshoot issues and be prepared to provide on-the-spot solutions.

Computer networking systems, equipment installation and/or upgrades, as well as software installation and configuration, could all be duties assigned to a Field Technician. Regular maintenance schedules for a company’s computer systems and equipment may also be a component of this position.

As a Field Technician, you must become very well-acquainted with the clients’ needs, work processes, and growth trajectory. By building strong relationships, a successful Field Technician becomes a trusted professional who is relied upon during times of crisis. Since computer system downtime could be very costly both financially and to a company’s reputation, an attentive and effective field technician can make a dramatic difference to a business in need.


Responsiveness, resourcefulness, and a calming demeanor are all important traits for a good IT Field Technician. Because you will be dealing with clients who may be under stress and time constraints, it is vital to be able to build rapport and work under pressure. Field Technicians must also be comfortable with travel and changing working conditions daily.

As well, a Field Technician must have a comprehensive knowledge base including a deep understanding of the most popular computer operating systems, networking platforms, and IT hardware.

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