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An IT Analyst is in charge of analyzing existing information technology systems and evaluating them for areas requiring improvement.  As technologies and procedures evolve, it is up to the IT analyst to seek ways to better serve the organization’s workflow and computer systems.


As an IT Analyst, you will examine the organization’s existing computer information technology system and devise ways to reduce costs while improving processing, reliability, security, and usability.

In some cases, the IT Analyst may be presented with an objective, such as to create an improved method of capturing customer data for marketing purposes, for example. Upon reviewing the desired result, the IT Analyst will devise a plan to achieve the goal. This may include implementing new technology, modifying current processes, or a combination of both. Once the plan is made, the IT analyst may turn it over to other members of the IT staff or may be required to manage the project through to completion.

The IT Analyst will always be on the lookout for new hardware and software that could be of benefit to the company and may run trials of innovative IT tech products to assess the value of implementation.

Depending on the size of the organization, the IT Analyst may be assigned to a specific division of the IT Department, such as Information Security,  or he or she may oversee the entire Information Technology system.

To be successful in this role, an IT Analyst must thoroughly understand the objectives and technological needs of the business or organization. He or she must also be able to design, analyze, and implement robust, efficient information technology systems and obtain useful feedback from end users.


A discerning, analytical mind is essential to be effective as an IT Analyst. As well, forward thinking and a logical approach to workflow management will help to identify inefficient or redundant processes and improve efficiency in the IT system.

Of course, a solid IT educational background and hands-on experience with several operating systems, LAN and WAN networking, as well as various popular computer software and hardware is also necessary.

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