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As the dependence on computers in the workplace grows, so does the need for knowledgeable IT Assistants. These are the professionals we turn to in the workplace for help when we face problems with computer hardware, software, internet connectivity, and email. They play an important function in the infotech area by offering technological help to IT end-users.



An IT Assistant answers support tickets, phone calls, emails, and chat lines to assist computer users with IT problems. He or she listens carefully to gather important information regarding the issue then suggests solutions, guiding the end-user through troubleshooting steps until the problem is resolved.

IT Assistants may be hired to work in-house as part of the IT Department in larger organizations, directly for hardware or software manufacturers as part of their Tech Support teams, or on a freelance or sole proprietorship basis.

The availability of a competent, helpful IT Assistant is crucial to support computer hardware and software users, so they can continue to be productive. When computer errors, glitches, and crashes happen, work may grind to a halt, causing financial hardship and reputation red flags for any company.

Starting off your veteran IT career as an IT Assistant is a beneficial way to gain in-depth knowledge of different computer systems, hardware, and software while developing essential interpersonal and troubleshooting skills that will be valuable in any information technology career you may later pursue.


As an IT Assistant, first and foremost you should enjoy helping and interacting with others. The happiest and most successful IT Assistants feel a sense of personal gratification from helping others solve problems. One must also have a strong knowledge base pertaining to computer hardware and software, as well as networking systems. Of course, patience and excellent communication skills are also vital to this role.

If you enjoy the challenge of fixing what’s broken, as well as helping others understand complex technical issues, a career as an IT Assistant could be right for you.

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