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An IT Manager oversees and manages the information technology department and IT staff of an organization or company. The IT Department would include the computer network, server or mainframe computer system, data storage, and network security.

Depending on the scale and nature of the business, the IT Manager may also be required to report to other executives regarding IT security and upgrading requirements, make recommendations, and manage the IT Department’s operating budget.


As an IT Manager, you will oversee installation, maintenance, upgrades, and daily operations of an organization’s computer networking department. The IT Manager is also responsible for training and supervising IT employees, as well as delegating IT tasks, managing special projects, and giving performance reviews. An IT Manager may also be responsible or instrumental in hiring and firing of IT employees.

For small-to-medium sized companies, the IT Manager may serve as the organization’s primary point of contact for all IT issues or may report to higher-ups, such as a Chief Technology Officer.

This position is one of importance within any company that relies heavily on intranet or internet connectivity, which includes the majority of workplaces in our modern world. For most companies large or small, a breakdown of vital communications systems can mean great financial hardship. That’s why talented IT managers continue to be in demand.


Qualities such as confidence, leadership, computer networking and IT expertise, and excellent communication abilities are all crucial to be a successful IT Manager. One must also be able to quickly respond to the needs of upper management and lower level staff members to solve IT problems as they arise.

A successful IT Manager stays one step ahead of current computer system threats and identifies vulnerabilities before they get exploited by malware and hackers. He or she will also upgrade computer systems, anti-virus protection, and firewalls as necessary to protect the company’s data.

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