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A Network Administrator, also known as a Systems Administrator, configures, manages, and maintains computer systems for optimal performance. Nearly every industry relies on Network Administrators to keep both internet and intranet connectivity functioning properly for the secure and timely transfer of data.  As software and hardware technologies continue to evolve at a rapid pace, likewise the demand for expert Network Administrators continues to grow.


Depending on the size and complexity of the computer networking system, a Network Administrator’s duties can range from installing and configuring computer networks, maintaining and upgrading existing networks, and troubleshooting networking problems. The Network Administrator must also continually monitor computer networks to ensure proper connectivity and usability.

Regardless of the setting, their work is vital to keep end-users productive and minimize the frustrations of bugs, errors, and glitches.

Beginning your veteran IT career as a Network Administrator is a great way to become acquainted with various computer systems, hardware, and software, while also developing troubleshooting skills that will be valuable in any IT career you may go on to pursue.


A Network Administrator must be at the ready to solve problems with hardware, software, and networking malfunctions at a moment’s notice. This requires a calm demeanor and critical thinking.

The ability to analyze complex systems utilizing your prior education, as well as a commitment to constant learning are essential to be a successful Network Administrator in any computing environment.

You will also need considerable “people skills” to assist end users, as well as to work closely with network engineers and other IT professionals.

Multi-tasking and time management skills will also surely be required, as Network Administrators often find themselves in the position of needing to manage several projects simultaneously.

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