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A Network Systems Manager supports and manages the information technology infrastructure of an organization or corporation. This infrastructure would include the computer network, server, storage, and network security. Depending on the size and nature of the organization, the Network Systems Manager may also be required to consult and educate other executives, make presentations and recommendations, and manage the IT budget.


As a Network Systems Manager, you will oversee all installation, maintenance, upgrades and daily operations of an organization’s computer networking system. You may also be required to train and supervise IT staff. This may include delegation of duties, project management, and giving performance reviews. A Network Systems Manager may also be responsible or instrumental in hiring and firing of IT employees.

The Network Systems Manager may serve as the company’s chief point of contact for all information technology related issues, or may report to higher-ups, such as a Chief Technology Officer.

This position is one of importance within any company that relies heavily on intranet or internet connectivity, which is the majority of workplaces in our modern world. For most companies large or small, a breakdown of vital communications systems can mean great financial hardship.


Confidence,  IT expertise, leadership skills and the ability to communicate well with people on both a technical and a personal level are all crucial traits for Network Systems Managers.  He or she must be adept at quickly responding to and solving problems related to hardware malfunction, software glitches and networking challenges as they arise.

Likewise, the ability to teach, train and inspire others is vital in this management role.  A successful Network Systems Manager must also stay current with new technological advancements and be able to advise senior directors if and when system upgrades are necessary to support the company’s growth.

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