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A NOC engineer is in charge of providing IT support for an organization’s network operations center (NOC). The NOC is the centralized location that houses all of the computer networking equipment for a company or facility. Here, the NOC engineer attends to connectivity issues, manages and prevents power and/or data outages, and maintains both wired and wireless networking hardware.


The routine responsibilities of a NOC Engineer include monitoring system availability, maintenance of servers, the configuration of networks, and the creation and updating of standard operating procedures. The complexity of the NOC Engineer’s responsibilities is relative to the size and type of network the organization requires. As a NOC Engineer, you will also likely be in charge of the installation, maintenance, and upgrading of routers, range extenders, and switches.

The NOC Engineer could also be required to report on the state of the business’ information technology system, recommending and also educating fellow employees and executives at various levels. He or she could additionally be in charge of budgeting for the IT department and scaling of equipment and software as the company grows.

As the majority of companies count on computer system networks to conduct daily business, the NOC Engineer is a crucial team member for fast, secure transfer of information. Small or medium-sized companies might additionally rely upon their NOC Engineer to manage network safety and security to prevent cyberattacks and hacking.


NOC Engineers must be self-assured, proactive, and committed to excellence. This position will require a focused mind and constant learning, as new innovations in computer technology evolve at a rapid rate.

As a NOC Engineer, you must not only master new skills and process new information quickly but also be able to communicate that information to stakeholders with varying levels of technical understanding.  Problem-solving and research skills are also essential for a career as a NOC Engineer.

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