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A PC Hardware Technician installs, configures, and manages personal computer equipment.  Such hardware includes PC hard drives, motherboards, power supplies, graphics cards and other PC components, as well as peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, and mice. They serve as the computer hardware experts who solve problems associated with hardware malfunction, as well as implementing necessary equipment upgrades.


A PC Hardware Technician chiefly deals with installing and repairing personal desktop computers. These technicians may also build custom computer systems for individual use.

PC Hardware Technicians may work in-house as corporate employees, as Field PC Technicians who visit various workplaces to repair PCs, or as freelancers or sole proprietors.

Whatever the setting, their work is vital to keep personal computers functioning properly for users at home or in the office.  A PC Hardware Technician is often in charge of budgeting and purchasing computer parts, as well as suggesting cost-effective upgrades to improve speed and usability.

Starting your veteran IT career as a PC Hardware Technician is an ideal way to enter the Information Technology field. This hands-on profession helps build technical skills and also helps build interpersonal skills due to frequent interaction with end users.

Since PC Hardware Technicians install and configure hardware, it is often necessary to assist the PC user in proper usage of equipment. Troubleshooting hardware issues also requires personal interaction and communication skills when assessing the causes of errors and other problems.


As a PC Hardware Technician, you must have a strong grasp of all elements of a personal computer, how each piece of equipment connects and interacts with the others and what causes errors and malfunctions. For this, a background in information technology is important since often the PC Hardware Technician will need to distinguish between software problems and hardware problems.

Patience, logic and problem-solving skills are vital to this profession. Likewise, good listening and communication skills can help facilitate speedy diagnosis of hardware problems.

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