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A Project Manager directs the progression of specific IT projects within the Information Technology department of an organization or company.  As a Project Manager, you will enjoy a variety of interesting and challenging projects such as mobile app creation, website upgrades, and networking initiatives.


From conception to completion and beyond, the Project Manager is responsible to delegate tasks, set milestones, keep stakeholders informed of progress, and make sure projects are completed on time and within the approved budget.

The Project Manager may participate in the planning stages of a project, as well. From there, it is his or her responsibility to plan out each phase of development utilizing a progress calendar and/or project management software, usually following Agile or Scrum methodologies.

Milestones for progress would then be set to approximate the time frame for each stage of the project. The Project Manager would then assign elements of the project to appropriate team members. Depending on the scale and nature of the IT project, the Project Manager may also be required to hire additional help and/or outsource some of the tasks.

As a Project Manager, you will be in charge of conducting progress meetings with team members, as well as testing and quality assurance measures. You will also need to instruct and inspire your team to see the project through to successful completion.


Project managers must possess excellent visionary abilities, time management skills, and superior organizational capabilities. Qualities such as leadership, self-confidence, and excellent communication skills are all vital traits to be a successful Project Manager.

A Project Manager must stay focused on the end goals of the project(s) at hand and find solutions to problems or complications encountered along the way. Excellent interpersonal skills are also vital to this role.

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